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Draftbooster solves many problems you may have with your stove

A survey of Draftbooster testers shows that Draftbooster contributes to solving a lot of the major challenges created by wood-burning stoves.

Statistics from survey of challenges with stove before and after installing Draftbooster

Draftbooster is easy to install

According to a majority of the surveyed testers, the Draftbooster is very easy/easy to install.

Statistics from survey shows how easy Draftbooster is to install


A wood-burning stove equals coziness – but it is not quite so cosy when the smoke is pouring into the living room, rather than up through the chimney. This was the experience of Lars Willemar when he replaced his old wood-burning stove. Fortunately, he discovered a solution to the problem with a Draftbooster chimney fan.

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