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A wood-burning stove provides your home with a CO2-neutral and inexpensive heat source.

What could be cosier than sitting in front of a crackling fire and losing yourself in the dancing flames? This was precisely what the Torstensson family dreamed about when they bought a house with a fireplace.

Unfortunately, the fireplace was difficult to light and kept filling up the living room with smoke, putting a damper on the family’s fireplace dreams. Fredrik installed the Draftbooster on top of his chimney and found the installation to be straightforward. Once plugged in, the Draftbooster was ready to go.

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With a Draftbooster installed, lighting the wood stove is easy and smoke in the living room is a thing of the past. Using the Draftbooster is easy - you simply arrange the firewood, activate the Draftbooster using the dedicated remote control and kindle the wood. Now you can sit back and enjoy the heat and flames of an odourless wood-burning stove.

The Draftbooster chimney fan is available in your local fireplace store and in select home improvement stores.

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