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What is a Draftbooster chimney fan?

A Draftbooster chimney fan is an electric fan. It is installed on the chimney, ensuring that your wood-burning stove gets enough air to burn cleanly all day long with no problems. The Draftbooster chimney fan creates negative pressure in the chimney, so you avoid most of the problems you may encounter when burning solid fuel.

The Draftbooster chimney fan is installed on top of the chimney and creates a vacuum, ensuring that the smoke is drawn out through the chimney rather than out into the living room. With a Draftbooster, you gain control over the draught in your chimney, so you can enjoy the fire and heat from your stove without problems.

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When is it a good idea to use a Draftbooster chimney fan?

Are you unable to get a draught in your wood-burning stove?

  • Lighting a fire in your stove takes a long time and is difficult?
  • The glass in the door of the wood-burning stove is being covered in soot.
  • Smoke is escaping from the stove, especially when refueling.
  • It smells like smoke and soot anytime you use your wood-burning stove.

The natural draught in the chimney is rarely sufficient

  • There is not enough air to go around in a draught-free house, and it is very common for the stove to have insufficient air.

Get air again

  • With a Draftbooster, we can help your wood-burning stove breathe again, making it easy to start the fire, and you avoid the smell of soot and smoke inside.
  • Instead, it is up to you to decide when there is a need for extra draught in the chimney – using a simple ON/OFF remote control.

Place the ON/OFF remote control for the Draftbooster chimney fan next to the remote control for your TV, and enjoy that the flames in your stove are clean and clear.

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Why the need for a mechanical chimney fan?

Draftbooster reduces smoke in the room

Problems lighting the fire

If you have problems when lighting the fire, it is usually due to insufficient draught in the chimney. The draught is created by the difference between the high temperature in the chimney and the lower temperature outside. Since the chimney is still cold when lighting the fire, the draught is limited, making it hard to light the fire.

It is important that the fuel is dry, and that you start with small pieces of wood and kindling. That way the fire can take hold faster and develop the heat required to create a good draught in the chimney.

Smoke in the room

If smoke comes into the room when you add firewood, it can be caused by the chimney draught being poor. If you have a very airtight house, especially if you have a range hood and air conditioning, the chimney draught can become too weak.

Another reason for release of smoke can be a disparity between the wood-burning stove and the chimney. It is important to know that the natural draught varies according to the outside temperature throughout the year and is affected by weather conditions.

Factors such as the chimney height in relation to tall buildings or similar large objects in the vicinity can also influence the natural draught negatively and create wind gusts and thereby smoke in the living room.

The fire goes out

The air contributes to ensuring good combustion. It is the job of the chimney to remove the smoke via the chimney draught, ensuring a reliable supply of fresh air in amounts that correspond to the amount of smoke generated by the wood-burning stove. If the stove is not working optimally, it could be due to poor draught, leaks in the chimney, or the stove not being in proportion to the dimensions of the chimney.

Smoky smell and sooting

When the door is covered in soot and there is a smoky smell, this is due to poor combustion. The problem occurs if you use wet firewood, have misadjusted the flue, or have insufficient draught in the chimney.

Good combustion requires high temperatures and sufficient air. If you limit the air supply too soon, unburned gasses and particles rise up through the chimney. This causes sooting of the chimney walls and foul smelling smoke.

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