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Easy lighting for a cosy smoke-free living room

A wood-burning stove equals coziness – but it is not quite so cosy when the smoke is pouring into the living room, rather than up through the chimney. This was the experience of Lars Willemar, when he replaced his old wood-burning stove. Fortunately, he discovered a solution to the problem with a Draftbooster chimney fan.

When an old wood-burning stove is replaced and a new one installed, many experience insufficient draught in the chimney. This means that smoke, soot and unpleasant smells wind up in the living room, and you are left with an unhappy experience.

The reason is poor draught in the chimney, which in part can be due to the chimney being either too short or too inadequate, but also that the new wood-burning stove is energy-optimized, thus not emitting a lot of heat into the chimney. Draught develops from the difference between the heat inside the chimney and the cold outside, and if this difference is insufficient, the draught fails to materialize, and problems arise.

That was precisely the experience of Lars Willemar and his wife Jytte, when they replaced their old wood-burning stove with a new one a few years ago.

”The draught wasn’t the same with the new stove as with the old one. This meant that lighting the new stove was incredibly difficult in weather conditions where there was a lot of wind, as well as in rainy and still weather”, says Lars Willemar.

Furthermore, Lars Willemar experienced quite a bit of smoke escaping from the new wood-burning stove when it came time to refuel, and it was generally difficult to keep the fire going.

”The new stove was a lot more energy-efficient alright, but it needed something to give us the right draught in the chimney – and then there was the annoyance of the fire dying”, says Lars Willemar.

Simple to install and easy to use

Lars Willemar found a solution to his problems, however. The solution was a Draftbooster chimney fan. In short, a Draftbooster is a chimney fan that is installed on the chimney, and which ensures sufficient draught.

”We are happy to have minimized smoke in the living room since installing a Draftbooster on the chimney, and that we no longer have to struggle to get the wood-burning stove lit. The Draftbooster has definitely passed the test”, says Lars Willemar.

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The Draftbooster is easy to use via a remote control with ”On” and ”Off”.

Draftbooster was the solution

A Draftbooster is very simple to install. It comes with four legs that are adjusted to fit the opening of the chimney. Next, it is connected to an electric outlet, and then it’s ready to go.

"Assembling the Draftbooster took just a very short time. Then it’s just a matter of installing it on the chimney and pull the cord under a roof tile and into an electrical outlet in the attic”, Lars Willemar says.

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According to Lars Willemar, installers will have an easy time.

Operation is done entirely by remote control

Using a Draftbooster is a piece of cake. First of all, there are only two buttons on the remote control – on and off. ”With a Draftbooster, it doesn’t get easier”, says Lars Willemar. ”We build the fire, turn on the remote, light the firelighters. Done. All told, we’ll probably have the Draftbooster run for about 10 minutes when lighting, until the chimney is warmed up and the natural draught appears – and then again for about 10 minutes when refueling”, Lars Willemar concludes.

The Draftbooster chimney fan is available in your local fireplace store and in select home improvement stores.

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